Let Love be genuine (Part II)

Last week I started the Let love be genuine posts and I posted Part I here on the blog. As Christians it is so easy to forget that our number one guiding rule is LOVE. That is what should govern everything we do; all our actions. Let Love be genuine (Part I) was the first of two articles on simple, practical and straightforward ways in which we can practice true love. I hope you enjoy the second part.

E: Seek the good of others.

We must make every effort to do the best we can for one another. Sometimes this might require saying no, pointing out errors or reprimanding someone. This is not an easy task at all because it might be easier to just keep quiet when things are going wrong. Sometimes love has to be tough. Pointing out errors must always be done prayerfully and in a spirit of love.
F: Choose to forgive.

We are human beings and will from time to time offend one another. Forgiveness is part of love. Genuine forgiveness deepens relationships and makes things sweeter.
G: Avoid all evil.

Many times relationships are ruined by such evils as gossip, suspicions, evil speaking, lying, envy. All these are from hearts that have been yielded to the devil. We must expel all such things from our lives. We must receive and practice all aspects of the fruit of the spirit in our lives. And our relationship with one another.
H: Do it as unto the Lord.

When the going gets tough we must remind ourselves that we are loving because the Lord has commanded us to do so. It will not always be easy but when we know that we are doing it for the sake of Jesus, we will receive the strength to love in obedience to His commandments.

The fruit of genuine love are beautiful. The rewards are great and last forever. As we inconvenience ourselves in obedience to the Lord we will reap great rewards both in this life and in the life to come.

In Psalm 133 we see that God’s blessings are poured out wherever brethren live in genuine love and harmony. Let us make it our portion.

Mrs. A. M. Denni-Fiberesima

October 2007


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