From my mama with love…

I was on the phone with my mum today. We had both been praying separately about something and were quite shocked when my dad called me earlier that day and brought up the matter in a positive way. I just couldn’t believe it!

We were still marveling over the way God sometimes overwhelms his Children when she dropped this nugget in my heart. She said:

“When you get married to your husband girl, whenever you have something really important to tell him, doesn’t matter if he’s difficult or easy going; complex or simple hearted, take if FIRST to God. That way you save yourself a lot of time and possible argument. When you talk to God first by the time you talk to your husband, he’s going to take it and run so hard with it that you’re the one who will be struggling to keep up.”

It was a word (well, a paragraph) of wisdom. There’s no need struggling, trying to convince some man about what should or should not be done. I just go to my Father in heaven (on my knees) and talk to him about it. He’ll do the convincing. He’ll make an offer that cannot be refused.

This is just an example of some of the jewels from my mum that I’m storing in my treasure box for when I have a man on my hands. Literally.


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