Thankful Thursday – Love

Dear Lord,

Your love and Your faithfulness astound me; they know no bounds.

I was so glad when I went over to Iris’ at Sting my Heart and discovered that her theme for this week’s TT was love. The subject of Your love can never be exhausted.

I want to thank You for all You have done in my life. First You gave me Jesus and allowed me the privilege of knowing You. What is more, each time I mess up and let You down, You don’t turn Your back on me or give up on me. Instead, You wrap Your arms around me and lead me back to loving You.

You shower me with blessings on every side of my life. What did I do to make You love me this way? That is grace is it not? That You give me a family that believes in me no matter what I do; friends who are ready to stand by me through whatever; peace even when things are not going the way I want them to. Grace…

This is just my opportunity to publicly acknowledge You and Your love. Thank you Lord Jesus for who You are. I appreciate You. Thank You for my sisters (and brothers) on the Internet; people Your love has joined together. Thank You for all that You are and ALL You will continue to be in my Life.




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