What is my relevance?

A few years back I attended a funeral. I hadn’t been to one in a long while (despite what Solomon said in the Book of Ecclesiastes about the benefits of attending funerals, I really don’t enjoy going for them). But I didn’t have much choice in this one, it was a very old family friend and my mum dragged me off to it.

Most of what took place there is one great blur – I guess I zoned out. But there was one particular scene which caught my attention.

One of the daughters of the late man stood up to talk about her father and she said something profound. She said her father warned her not to marry a man who was so heavenly minded, he wasn’t fit for earth. A lot of folks would probably think that is blasphemy of some sort. But it is far from blasphemy.

I believe that the main purpose of every human being is relevance. Most folks in the Church tend to want to segregate themselves; stick with each other and not get contaminated by the sinful folks out there. Makes one wonder what Jesus came for.

In a family devotion yesterday we read about Jesus and the woman who committed adultery (John 8:3-11). What struck me was what He said to her after those self righteous folks had drifted away; He told her He did not condemn her. Now, this woman was caught in the act. Was that not enough reason to condemn her and even sentence her? But Jesus did not operate that way. He did not come to condemn but to restore.

Jesus was relevant and He built relationships.

I decided that would be my attitude; I will build lasting relationships. I will not condemn, instead I will see how I can help. I will be relevant. What is the point of being on earth if I’m not relevant? In my family, my neighborhood, my work place, my church, anywhere and everywhere I find myself, there should emit the positive fragrance of my presence.


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