Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to be an Encourager

  1. Take time out to listen.
  2. Be available.
  3. Send a note (email or sms) telling that person you appreciate them.
  4. Look for something positive about the person and tell him or her.
  5. Tell the person one thing he/she does well (be specific).
  6. Aknowledge when that person does something good or well.
  7. Do not forget to say ‘thank you’.
  8. Ask for prayer requests and remember to pray.
  9. Get to know what interests that person and pass across uselful information.
  10. Be Kind.

Oftentimes, you;ll find your own encouragement in the encouraging words and actions shown to another person.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to be an Encourager

  1. thanks for the list of practical ways to encourage others. To encourage someone else is one of my favorite activities. I think it was Charles Swindol who said that the word itself literally means to “pour” courage into someone….me thinkith you also have the spiritual gift of encouragement.

  2. Yeah, I think so too. I love to bring joy to people especially when they are feeling down and depressed. I would really appreciate any more tips on encouragement.

  3. Thanks for the list.

    When I read #8, I was reminded of a friend who would not just say, “I’ll pray for that.” but would stop right then and there (one time while on the phone in the grocery store) and pray for me. Knowing that someone would do that for me, certainly makes me know that I am important to them, and it encourages me to do likewise. Encouragement can be contagious.

  4. As I want to be an encourager, I hope I become contagious (LOL). Seriously though, I find it a bit hard to pray for myself, so praying for others ensures that I have a slightly more active prayer life. Thanks Michael for stopping by; I enjoyed your blog.

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