Call Your Mother

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the US. I even dedicated a poem to my mum (and its not even Mother’s Day in Nigeria). So we all called our mothers (or most of us anyway), and maybe sent flowers and recited pretty words and verses. All well and good. However, I would just love to ask one question: Did you have to wait till it was Mother’s Day? How often do you call your mum or even send her mail to say how much she means to you?

I am aware that not everyone has a mum who loved them or even showed some concern about their welfare. Some did not even have anybody at all. But some others have wonderful mothers and are taking them for granted. WAKE UP CALL! They will not always be there!

I read this article by Thomas L. Friedman and it was quite a tribute to his mum. It startled me; made me realise that these ‘super women’ called mums are mortal and as such, will not be around for ever.  I realised I needed to do more for my mum than I had been doing thus far. So from today, I am going to

  • Call her more often
  • Send her mails regularly
  • Tell her I love her as often as I can
  • Pray for her

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