I will Not Be Broken

This could very well be a cry from the heart of many people today but it is also a book written by Jerry White. Life sometimes hands us more than we think we can bear; but we need to be able to stand up tall and say I Will Not Be Broken!

Jerry White, the founder or Survivor Corps and the co-recipient of a Nobel Prize has written this book for those who have come face-to-face with one disaster or the other.

Dreams get broken for so many reasons; the overall message seems to be:

Don’t let yourself get broken along with your dreams.

There are 5 Steps in I Will Not Be Broken and these are:

1. Face Facts. One must first accept the harsh reality about suffering and loss, however brutal. “This terrible thing has happened. It can’t be changed. I can’t rewind the clock. My family still needs me. So now what?”

2. Choose Life. That is, “I want to say yes to the future. I want my life to go on in a positive way.” Seizing life, not surrendering to death or stagnation, requires letting go of resentments and looking forward, not back. It can be a daily decision.

3. Reach Out. One must find peers, friends, and family to break the isolation and loneliness that come in the aftermath of crisis. Seek empathy, not pity, from people who have been through something similar. Let the people in your life into your life. “It’s up to me to reach for someone’s hand.”

4. Get Moving. Sitting back gets you nowhere. One must get out of bed and out of the house to generate momentum. We have to take responsibility for our actions. “How do I want to live the rest of my life? What steps can I take today?”

5. Give Back. Thriving, not just surviving, requires the capacity to give again, through service and acts of kindness. “How can I be an asset to those around me, and not a drain? Will I ever feel grateful again?” Yes, and by sharing your experience and talents, you will inspire others to do the same.

For more on this book and Jerry White, read the Book Review or check the website.

You can also learn more about Survivor Corps here.


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