Building Blocks of a Dream

Build your castles in the air…

I sent out my monthly ezine this month and the theme was Achieving Your Dreams. From several discussions both on-line and offline, it has become painfully obvious that after a certain age most people lose the ability (or the desire) to dream.

Growing up, we all had one dream or the other; my little brother wanted to be a scuba diver (in the Sahara of West Africa where we do not even have a river). Anyway, right now he is at university studying to be a communicator.

When I asked a close friend of mine what had happened to her dreams, She replied with ‘Life happened’.
Sadly, life happens to majority of us, so much so that we are forced to abandon long cherished hopes and dreams. But sometimes too, life happens and it re-awakens those same dreams.

What if it were possible to pursue your dreams and still pay your bills? That is certainly a question to ponder. An article was sent to my inbox on building a dream. It was very instructive with a step-by-step guide on keeping your dreams alive. I read it and just had to share it. The question was asked there and I want to repeat it here:

what are the dreams that lie deep within your heart?


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