6 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

I posted a brief write-up on achieving dreams not too long ago (read it here). But because I’d planned to use it for my newsletter, I did not post the full article here. Well, the newsletter has gone out this month. So I can now post the full stuff here.

I hope you enjoy reading this and it speaks to you. If it does, why don’t you leave a comment and let me know.


Achieving Your Dreams

Is there really any fail-proof model or are there any specific steps you can employ to achieving your dreams? Specialists and self-help gurus have come up with various and often contradicting plans and procedures. But do they really work?

I have discovered that as diverse as most folks are, in the same way, their motives differ and what catapults those motives into action, also differ. However, certain things are basic to every man; the craving for love, the need for peer or self validation, the unrelenting desire to achieve are just a few. How can one channel these desires (dreams) into reality?

The following steps have worked for me and for most people whom I have asked. Other terminology might be used but the essence is still the same.

  1. Define the Dream: Some dreams come clearly defined, others yet need to be spelt out. Get a sheet of paper or an open page in your word processor (if you are using a paper, get a notebook; if you are using a computer, open a file). Write down as precisely and concisely as you can, what your dream is all about.
  2. Set Goals: Next list out what steps (even baby ones) you might need to go through to get to the destination which is your dream. Ask yourself this question; what do I need to do to get to my dream?
  3. Pray:This is a very important yet often overlooked step. God gave Joseph a dream and He probably gave you yours. So ask him what he wants you to do with yours and how he intends for you to do it. Do not be afraid to ask for help!
  4. Re-define Your Goals: Go back to those goals you wrote and thoughtfully and prayerfully cross out any that is not necessary to achieve your dream. Add fresh goals, if there are any and re-write those that are left. Set time limits.
  5. Seek Accountability: Look for 3 People (or more) that you trust and share the dream with them. Copy out your goals and give them a copy each. This is for accountability. These people will make up your support group; they will remind you to keep the time limits you set; they will encourage you when you get discouraged; cheer you on every victory (however minor) and pray for you.
  6. Go Ahead and Achieve Your Dream!Do not just sit there and stare at the goals you have written down… GO DO IT! Go write that book, get that new job, climb that mountain (ask that girl out?), whatever. You need to be pro-active. Ask the Lord for strength and go conquer the land.



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