Praying for my Husband (to be): Day 2

Pray that your husband’s relationship with God and His Word will bear fruit in his life.
Pray that he will be a man of wisdom and understanding, fearing the Lord. (Prov. 3:7,
9:10; Ps. 112:1)
Yesterday, my fiance and I were discussing about the men of Issacher; the Bible said they understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32) . We concluded that the reason they understood the times was because they studied. And they did not just study situations around them and success stories, they also studied the word of God.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and I frankly believe that the only way a person can acquire true wisdom is from the word of God.
It took me a while to discover that I became extremely foolish, making choices I knew better than to make, when I had a disconnect from the word of God.
Therefore, with personal experience of how foolish a person can become unless the Word of God bears fruit in his life, it can only be in my best interest to pray for my husband-to-be.

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