How To Achieve Your Dream

I promised I’ll write a brief post on achieving one’s dreams; and I finally did. I would have done so sooner but my weekend was really busy.

I went on a 10-hour road trip (we describe distance by time here in Nigeria), got to be Chief Bridesmaid to my best friend No.2 (I’ll soon share the pictures) and travelled back in order to be at work on time. Hectic!

Oh well, it was fun. So, here’s the post.

Is there really any fail-proof model or are there any specific steps you can employ to achieving your dreams? Specialists and self-help gurus have come up with various and often contradicting plans and procedures. But do they really work?

I have discovered that as diverse as most folks are, in the same way, their motives differ and what catapults those motives into action, also differ.

However, certain things are basic to every man; the craving for love, the need for peer or self validation, the unrelenting desire to achieve are just a few. How can one channel these desires (dreams) into reality?

The following steps have worked for me and for most people whom I have asked. Other terminology might be used but the essence is still the same.

  1. Define the Dream
  2. Set Goals
  3. Pray
  4. Re-define your Goals
  5. Seek Accountability
  6. Go Achieve Your Dream!

I’ve explained each of the six points listed above; it will be in the May issue of my ezine so use the sign up box on the right!


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