When your dreams come crashing down…

what do you do?

This is a really hard question. I started thinking about it when I read Broken Dreams by Deanna (read it here).

We’ve all had dreams at one point in time of our lives. I was 26 last November; I definitely did not envision myself where I am right now.

When I was in junior secondary school (junior high), I was so sure that by 26, I’d not just be a qualified lawyer, but also done with my PhD. And I was working towards it too! But now, I’m 26, done with law school and that’s it. Not even a Masters’ degree.

Life can be like that sometimes. We humans are so good at planning. But it is the Lord who has the blue print for our lives. He and he alone has any idea where any one of us will end up.

So what do you do when your very well laid out plans come crashing down? You go to the one who has the master plan and ask him for new dreams.


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