Thankful Thursday – despite my imperfections

God’s love and total acceptance of who we are is really amazing. Recently I overheard a conversation between two people; one of them was giving his reason for not attending church at all and this was that those in church were hypocrites. And I felt such joy because Jesus Christ came for just that. He did not come for the holy and pious folks – they have no need of Him. but He came for me and for people like me: riddled with imperfections and a gazillion character flaws. This is so that when the Holy Spirit begins work in me, the difference will be obvious to those around. When they ask why I am so full of joy, why I no longer have temper tantrums, why I’m just not as mean as I was before, I can joyfully point the way to my Lord.

  • I thank you Lord for your acceptance of me; for taking me just as I am without condemnation and then going on to make me what I should be, with love and patience.
  • I’m so grateful that you have surrounded me with people who love me and who can call me to order when I am going astray.
  • I am thankful that you love me so much, you are so mindful of me that you take the time to remind me regularly just how you feel about me. You reassure me, you build me up so I can walk with my head high up. You give me a sense of who I am that no one can take away from me.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – despite my imperfections

  1. Dear Sharon,

    This is my visit to your blog. I clicked over due to your comment on mine. How timely, I needed a reminder to be thankful! So far it seems as if nothing has gone my way this morning…however I have so much to be thankful for:)

    I hope you are feeling beautiful! We are all imperfect and flawed…otherwise we’d have no need for Jesus! Hey, that makes me thankful for imperfections (which there are many!).


  2. You are right, Sharon. The church is made up of sinners and He came to heal the sick.
    I too am grateful for the people He has surrounded me with. Their His hands and feet this side of heaven.

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful and joyful heart with us this week.

    Blessings to you and yours this beautiful morning.

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