Thankful Thursday – on Tuesday

I have a lot to be thankful for this week; the Lord has been merciful. Certain things happen every once in a while to remind us of God’s faithfulness.
My Thankful Thursday is late because I’ve been ill and the Internet at home was acting up. But I always look forward to it so I decided to post even though it’s so late.

I’ve been forced to just lie quietly at home. I thank God for healing and for the reminder to BE STILL.

Last week, as my mum traveled round on a mission awareness tour of Nigeria, her vehicle was waylaid by armed robbers. Only by running into hiding, were they able to escape with their lives. I cannot thank God enough for the disposition he blessed my mum with. The experience should have been a traumatising one, instead, the Lord shifted her perception so that to her, it was more like an adventure playing out. I’m saying a heartfelt thanks because not one hair on her body was harmed. Jehovah Jireh certainly does look after His own.

I also thank God for my country. Life in Nigeria is not the easiest, yet we are happy. My mum was able to get a good look at the robbers and she said that from the look of them, they were neither touts nor rogues. According to her, they were well dressed and had the looks of University graduates about them. It was easy for me to identify with that. Unemployment seems to have skyrocketed. Yet a few years ago, Nigerians were rated as the happiest people on earth. It can only be the ever-present joy of the Lord.

I’m grateful for the gift of good health; it is the Lord who keeps one healthy and I just want to appreciate His faithfulness in that department.

I thank God for Denise who has been a constant source of inspiration. There are very few blogs I visit that Denise hasn’t been to and dropped an encouraging word or two. I am sincerely grateful to God for the gift of such a woman.

Finally, I’m especially grateful for the raise I got. It was unexpected as it was useful.


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