Who is He to You?

Then he asked them, “But who do you say I am?”– Matthew 16:15

Over the years in my personal walk with Him, He has come to mean so many things to me. I’ve discovered facets of Him, and what blows my mind is that as we travel this journey together, He and I, He will continue to reveal much more of His ever-constant, never changing, muti-faceted character.
I am talking of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I was introduced to Him by my parents at a very early age; but that was all they could do – introduce me to Him. I had to cultivate the relationship. They helped along the way by giving me hints on how to please Him and what not to do to so I did not make Him sad.
Each person needs to know the Lord for himself or herself. All anyone else can do is lead the way, or at best, make the initial introduction. Jesus has taken time to reveal some aspects of Himself to me. At a certain time He was to me, my father. That was how I related best with Him; as a father who told me what to do and what not to do, scolded me when I did wrong, petted me when I needed petting and was generally there for me. As time went on, He began to reveal another aspect of Himself to me. He became Jehovah my pal. The One person I could run to when I needed to talk to somebody. Someone who was not afraid to tell me the truth – those years were precious.

He has been all those to me and more. But that was the uniqueness of our relationship. God desires a unique relationship with everyone of us. The mass communion is fine, but we need to stop hiding behind the massive skirts of a general fellowship.

The whole Bible is scattered with examples of God’s personal relationship with different individuals. It did not matter their personality type, their temperaments or even their educational and cultural backgrounds; He related to them at a level to which they could relate back to Him.

To Hagar, He was Jehovah the God who heard her cry in the desert(Genesis 21:16-19); for Moses, He made a green bush burn in the desert (Exodus 3:1-3). Think about it for a second. Green, in the desert? Burning? What self respecting Shephard man could resist that? With Isaiah He literally OPENED the sky! (Isaiah 6)

He was definitely real to these people. God has never failed to go the extra mile for His children and He is not going to start with you. But first the question: Who is He to you?

For those who do not have a personal relationship with Him, He is probably just an abstract concept in the sky. To experience this unique relationship with the Most High, you need to first and foremost repent from your sins (even those committed in your thoughts!) and invite Him into your heart to take up permanent residence there (John 3:16).

But you cannot stop there. You need to open yourself to Him and let Him be to you what He wants to be. I recently saw a widget online that said I AM, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE. Allow God to be personal to you. Open yourself up to His mercy, His goodness and His love. Unless and until you have singularly experienced Him, you will continuously find it hard to answer that question.


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