Constructive Criticism

I got a comment on the post Loving Right about criticism and confrontation as expressions of love. It got me thinking: Is it possible that criticism (if given positively) could actually be a useful tool in building up a person?

That is certainly a thought. However, instead of just writing what I think, I’ve decided to do some research and post it here sometime.

I would really appreciate your feedback. What do you think about criticism in a relationship?


4 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism

  1. Difficult question. For me at least. I think criticism is a necessary ingredient in every relationship. However, I have not found a way to give this to my girl without her feeling bad. I take hers sometimes. When I know its true. Should I just keep quiet when she does things I don’t like? Nope. Is feeling bad after a critique necessary? There must be a way to do this nicely.

  2. In one simple word, yes. Criticism if constructive can be very helpful.
    But let’s face it, nothing in life is that simple. I discovered a while back that everyone is of different temperaments and these temperaments are very instrumental to everyone’s reaction to EVERYTHING, including criticism no matter how constructive.
    So in my opinion, the thing to do is to study a person to discover the temperament he/she has, then couch your criticism in the way he/she’ll accept it, even if it means disguising it as a compliment. For instance instead of saying “your outfit is not suitable for work”, you can say something like “you have such an interesting sense of style, i don’t think our boss will appreciate it though, the old fuddy duddy that he is, and you do know that appraisals are coming up, why not change it?” thats more likely to fly.
    Thats my opinion.

  3. I honestly believe in criticism; but one has to be cautious or midful of our environment or setting. It should be done with a high level of diplomacy in order not to cause embarrassment to the person, especially to our loved ones.
    Remember everyone loves compliments, nobody wants to be criticized. The essence of criticism, I think, is to bring the person close to perfection, although nobody is perfect.

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