Beauty in Love

Last night I and some friends got talking; with valentine in the air, the subject of course was love. On the radio, the presenter was instructing his listeners to tell their girls they were pretty.

One of the guys there asked; “what if she isn’t pretty?”

My natural reaction was one of outrage. Why would a man marry a woman he does not find pretty? Ok. Scrap that. Folks get married for all sorts of reasons. But honestly, how can one truly say he is in love with his wife (or girlfriend) and he does not find her pretty?
It is my personal opinion that when one is in love, beauty transcends the physical. It does not matter how completely battered up that person is, or if she’s fat, pregnant an pimply, she should always be beautiful in his eyes. But then, that is just me.

What do you folks think? Drop a comment.
And Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Beauty in Love

  1. Yes you are right.
    People marry for different reasons.
    I do not think that my girlfriend or wife needs to be physically pretty before I fall in love with her. The beauty must radiate from within.
    Just my N1 thoughts.

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