My Encouragers

vulnerability is a great teacher because it crystalizes what is really important in our lives

I am reading this book by Mike Pegg; The Art of Encouragement and though am just on the first chapter, it has been quite an eye opener. I’ve learnt so much that I have decided to share some of it with you.

I have noticed that quite a number of people can only achieve when they get external encouragement. By external encouragement, what I mean is that somebody else, either through a speech, counselling, a book or a pat on the back has to get them motivated.

But it is very possible to encourage yourself. What you should ask yourself is this question: how can I encourage myself? To answer this, you would need to take a trip to memory lane. What were those moments when you felt the most encouraged? Why did you feel that way? What did you do then to make you feel encouraged and motivated? What has helped you the most to grow in your life?

Mike Pegg suggested two exercises:

  1. How Can I Encourage Myself? Here, you make a list of 3 (or more) things you can do to encourage yourself. I listed three and I’ll share them below.
  2. My Encouragers: This is a list of all those who at one time or the other encouraged you and what they did to encourage you. I’ll share mine some other time. You can download this guide to help you with your encouragers. Just click here.

Ok. How do I encourage myself? I’ll call the list Sharon’s Self Encouragement

  • I talk to God about it and read his word
  • I listen to inspiring music
  • I write

Well, do post a comment and let others know how you encuorage yourself. It might help those who are not so good at self encouragement.


One thought on “My Encouragers

  1. Everyone has a calling. I discovered ealier on that people came to me for encouragement, therefore this book meant a lot to me.

    Imagine just as I got into encouraging people totally, I came across this book!

    I am certainly grateful to all my encouragers including Mike Pegg

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