what will people say?

Sometime ago I was thinking and I wondered what people would say about me when I was dead. It shouldn’t matter right? I’ll be dead and gone. But it does matter. What people say is indicative of how I’ve lived and the sort of person I have been. So I made a list and decided to share it with you.

When I’m gone, I want them to say I:

  • cared
  • loved
  • understood people
  • was never judgmental
  • had a positive solution for most things
  • taught positively
  • was joyful
  • was humble
  • empathized & had sympathy
  • was honest
  • was gentle
  • had a clear sense of right & wrong
  • did not take nonsense
  • had integrity
  • was hard working
  • was dedicated
  • was passionate about helping others
  • was goal oriented
  • was loyal
  • had principles & stuck by them
  • was highly organized

Well that’s most of it! Quite ambitious huh? Oh well, I try. But the good thing about it is, so long as I am conscious of this list, I make an effort to tailor my life and everything I do now to fit into the list. Hard work believe me.

Feel free to drop a comment and share your own list with me.

So tell me, what would you like folks to say about you after you’re gone and buried?


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