finding the right words

Its now one week (almost) since my last post. Its not that I did not want to post anything or that I did not have just what to post, no. I was searching for just the right words to write. See, this is supposed to be a blog about helping people, so i wanted to make sure I did indeed help. What I failed to realise is that there are no right words. I do not have to struggle to make sense. It is left for the Holy Spirit to choose my words for me and bless all those who read this.
Anyway, I just resumed work from the holidays this week and it has taken me a while to shake off the vacation lethargy and get back to work. In fact, after three full days at work I am just finally waking up. I guess that is why most of what I’ve read in the Bible this week has been about work.
This morning, I read that I should not be lazy but should work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically (Romans 12:11 NLT). It jumped out at me particularly because throughout this week, I’ve had this verse in the Bible that says whatever my hands find to do, I should do it with all my heart as though it were for the Lord. I kept wondering. I’ve never had a problem with laziness. Well, not really.
But I have learnt a lot about work this week. It is not about whether I feel like working or not; if I have work, I’ve got to do it! And more than that, I appreciate that God cares enough to speak to me.
It is easy to know with the head that God cares, but what does the heart say? I suppose this is also like work in a way; it does not really matter if my heart feels that God cares or if it does not. He still cares anyway and He is bigger than what I think. If he took the time out to create a little insect and still takes the time out to make sure they get fed…?

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